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UN send monitors into Syrian hot spot

According to the United Nations, international monitors have recently moved into a Syrian hot spot in order to stop the violence. The spokesperson from the team, Neeraj Singh, has stated that two observers have been put in the city which is located in the south of Syria.

The city is Daraa, where the uprising against the current president Assad, began around a year ago. Activists in the area were already planning protests to take place on Friday that were against the current regime.

Currently there are 15 monitors placed by the UN in Syria and they are currently working on a plan that is going to end the fighting. Unfortunately, this is not working so far and violence in the country has not stopped. The video of the boy who had been shot dead by troops recently appeared on the Internet which just goes to show how the situation in the country has deteriorated.

An explosion earlier in the week destroyed a block of houses which is estimated to have killed 16 people. The government, and their opposition, have traded blows about who was responsible for the explosion. Anti-government protesters have said that the government were responsible for shelling the building, thinking that it was occupied by activists. The government has strongly denied this and has placed blame firmly on the rebels.

The spokesperson for Kofi Anan, the United Nations special envoy has stated that there is currently no word from the observers who have gone to visit the city. There are also two observers placed in Hama in preparation for 15 more monitors who are going to arrive in order to help end the violence and bring both parties to the negotiating table. Over the coming weeks it is expected that the UN presence in the country is going to increase by around 300 people.

SANA is a state run news agency in the country and it has been stating that the rebels caused an explosion because they were mishandling explosives which resulted in many deaths. This is something that has been denied by many anti-governmental activists including the Local Coordination Committees.

The total death toll from the event is currently not known, 16 people have been confirmed dead, but it is possible that the death toll may rise to over 70 people. The government are not expected to announce an official death toll within the next few days.


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