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PM desperate for a good showing in next weeks local elections

David Cameron says to “. . . vote conservative and get good value for money.” The Prime Minister is out there drumming up support for his administration in advance of the May 2 local elections when 27 county councils and seven unitary authorities will have the voting booths open, with a total of 2,362 seats up for re-election or replacement.

The main issue in the May 2

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David Cameron says Trident must stay

The prime minister has recently pressed upon the need for the United Kingdom to keep its Trident nuclear deterrent, declaring that it would be stupid to do away with a currently well defended Britain should a confrontation arise. This comes in the wake of growing concern over the actions of North Korea who are threatening a nuclear attack on the US.

The insistence of David Cameron that

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David Cameron slams Miliband’s job plans for immigrants

David Cameron has launched an attack on Ed Miliband’s plans to ensure that frontline staff in publicly funded jobs are able to speak English, in a new battle over the best way to integrate immigrants into British society.

David Cameron has launched a worded attack on Ed Miliband’s plans that are leaning towards recruiting and engaging ethnic groups of Britain in publicly funded jobs. In one speech, Mr Miliband is

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Text message from Rebekah Brooks to David Cameron revealed

It has been revealed that just before he became Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron was sent a text message by Rebekah Brooks which stated that they are “in this together.” The message was recently revealed by the Leveson enquiry which is looking at press standards after the various scandals that were associated with News International.

Ms Brooks sent the message in 2009 and stated how

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PM visits Burma with a view to easing sanctions

David Cameron, the British PM, said that the country could soon be easing sanctions on Burma, while preparing to make his historic visit to this once isolated Kingdom. Cameron has told the BBC that Britain will be quick to ‘respond in kind’ should Burma continue with their democratic progress. He has said, however, that he wants to witness the changes for himself before making any firm

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Cameron aims to keep Scotland part of the UK

David Cameron is going to make a speech in Scotland about the benefits of its union with England and Wales. He is going to make the argument that the United Kingdom is a safer, richer and stronger country when all its nations are banded together. Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland has described Mr Cameron’s views as outdated and threadbare.

Talks are about to take place

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