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PM visits Burma with a view to easing sanctions

David Cameron, the British PM, said that the country could soon be easing sanctions on Burma, while preparing to make his historic visit to this once isolated Kingdom. Cameron has told the BBC that Britain will be quick to ‘respond in kind’ should Burma continue with their democratic progress. He has said, however, that he wants to witness the changes for himself before making any firm decisions.

On Friday, the PM became the first major leader from the west to travel to Burma since its 5 decades of military rule ended last year. Cameron met Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy leader, whose party claimed a landslide victory in this month’s parliamentary by-elections. His 5 day tour of south east Asia is also taking in visits to Malaysia and Indonesia.

The US also announced last week that it too would be easing some of its sanctions on Burma, including restrictions on investment and travel. Other nations in the west are also re-examining their policies after the by-elections in the 1st April when Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy took 43 of the 45 seats that were available. She and her allies all take their seats on 23rd April, this becoming the main opposition to the parties backed by the military.


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