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Phone hacking scandal rumbles on with more prosecutions expected

It is expected that in the near future criminal prosecutions are going to take place for those people who were complicit in the phone hacking scandal. These prosecutions recently seem a little bit closer after the police have delivered files related to four journalists who allegedly hacked phones.

The prosecution service have not yet identified which journalists have been named in the files but it is expected that the allegations relate to the previous chief executive of News International, Rebekah Brooks, and the Guardian journalist Amelia Hill. The files have been developed by the Metropolitan police through various operations conducted by the force.

The files are said to relate to various different offences and one of them is said to also include allegations of misconduct by a police officer. Another file is said to contain information about journalists who attempted to pervert the course of justice. The third files said to contain various allegations about harassment and intimidation and the final file details a violation of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

There are currently over 40 people on bail in regard to the phone hacking scandal and the police have said that not all people who are suspected of being involved in the phone hacking scandal have yet been arrested.

Brooks was recently arrested again last month along with four other people and her husband. This arrest was due to allegations about her attempting to cover up the phone hacking scandal.

The Guardian journalist, Hill, was questioned last September after she was accused of receiving information that had been gathered through illegal methods. She was not arrested but she was questioned under caution and a police officer was also arrested at the same time in connection with the same allegations that Miss Hill was questioned over


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