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Justin Bieber fans turn on possible mother of his child

Fans of Justin Bieber are sometimes known to be a bit fanatical but the reaction they have had against a woman who claims to be the mother of his child has been rather extreme to say the least. Fans of the teen heartthrob have written angry letters and sent death threats to Miss Yeater, who claims that she became pregnant with Bieber’s child after a backstage encounter.

Justin Bieber is a devout Christian and has criticised people for having casual sex in the past and this claim seems to be against everything he believes in. These allegations have caused a stir in the music world and millions of Bieber fans have been left stunned. It is alleged that the incident occurred when Bieber was 16 and lawyers for Miss Yeater have said there is evidence that he is the father. They have said they will pursue a moderate claim from the Canadian star.

Miss Yeater has claimed that she wants to seek support for the child and wants Bieber to take a paternity test. The scandal is growing and Justin Bieber is struggling to keep his image clean amid all the allegations. Interestingly, if Miss Yeater is successful in her claim she will be criminally liable for the statutory rape of a minor as Bieber was only age 16 at the time.

Many of the threatening letters that have appeared targeting Miss Yeater have been written on the blogging site Twitter. Many of these come in the form of death threats and whether serious or not it does seem that there is definite malice towards the woman.

Currently Justin Bieber is dating Selena Gomez, an actress who is best known for her work on the Disney Channel. On Tuesday night she looked very composed while appearing at a charity event in Los Angeles. As of yet she has made no comment about the scandal. Many fans of Justin Bieber have compared Miss Yeater with Gomez unfavourably saying it is unlikely that he would have seen anything in this woman while dating Gomez.

On the social networking site, Justin Bieber said, “I just want to focus on what I love doing and that’s making music. I have no interest in these rumours that are going around and I love all of my dedicated fans and want them to ignore the scandal and judge me on my music.”

Even if Bieber can refute the allegations and they are proved to be completely false it is likely that they would damage the reputation that he has developed as his clean cut image has gathered him a significant fan base.

It is estimated that his fans have helped him amass a fortune of over $80 million, the equivalent of over £50 million. If these allegations prove to be true it would probably alienate a great many of these fans and damage his career. As a devout Christian it is rumoured that he prays before he performs in any concept.

He has recently been selected to play music at the MTV Europe music awards; these are taking place on Sunday in Belfast. The artist’s publicist has described the lawsuit by Miss Yeater as nothing more than a ‘complete fabrication,’ she commented, “We are going to be taking steps to show that everything claimed is false and that is something we will easily prove.”


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