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How a good girl went off the rails

The future looked bright for Laura Johnson as the millionaire’s daughter was off to uni after getting top grades at one of the best schools in Britain. However, two years later her life is not quite as shiny as she is now in the middle of a looting plot that occurred after she got caught up in the activity of the London gang culture.

She was convicted this week on the looting charge, but most people are asking how this young and attractive socialite ended up becoming one of the getaway drivers for a gang of robbers and drug dealers. It seems that the answer is actually just the story of lost love, and falling in love with the wrong type of boy.

It seems that Laura was devastated when she broke up with her high school boyfriend who had followed her to college, and quickly fell in love after the break-up with a crack dealer that also happened to be a gangster. The prosecutor for her case, Sandy Canavan, stated that Laura had had enough of nice boys and felt that leading a good life was not getting her anywhere, and the thrill of the bad boy was something new to try on for size.

However, it comes as a surprise given the fact that Laura’s early life was as white washed as you can get in the UK as she grew up in a country house in Kent with two parents that own a marketing business. Her home had a tennis court and plenty of landscaped gardens and she enjoyed the wealthy lifestyle with access to just about anything she could want including a brand new car after taking her driving test. At school she met academic success and even tutored other students.


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