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Fees for security at the Olympics sky rockets to £60m

The organisers of the London Olympics this year said that they’ve increased the management fee being paid to the company responsible for security at the event by 10 times. This means that the security company are getting paid over £50 million extra, on top of their original contract.

This information was revealed by the newspaper, The Daily Telegraph and it showed that the company have charged a much larger fee than was initially thought. The company is responsible for managing the security of civilians attending the games and their initial quote was around £7 million, today it has sky rocketed to around £60 million.

The documents revealed by the Telegraph show that the company have increased the amount they have charged significantly more than the actual costs that they are spending. This is not the first time that the company have made a serious mistake and even with all the extra money they did not have enough people to organise security for the Olympic Games. In order to solve this problem the government have had to assign military personnel to the games as an extra security measure.

Many people are very upset with the débâcle surrounding the security company and have called for the government to refuse the company any further work in the public sector. The Olympic Games start in just two weeks and the government have said that the security issue has been one of the most challenging tasks in organising the sporting event.


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