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Centrica warn that fuel prices are set to rise again

While many may be focused on the trading patterns of Centrica, the greater focus should be on the small warning from the major energy provider that fuel bills are going to increase by the end of the year. Centrica offers energy around the UK under the brands of Scottish Gas and British Gas and stated that the wholesale gas costs in the UK are going to increase by 15% over this winter compared to the prices of last year.

To make matters worse, non-commodity costs are expected to add an additional cost of £50 to every household bill when you compile the added costs of each month together for the year. The Centrica group warned that energy costs are continuing to move upwards at its annual meeting and the news has already made the Citizens Advice charity on high alert.

Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Gillian Guy stated that the prospect of increasing fuel bills will worry those who are still having a hard time dealing with the increase in energy costs from last year. Guy went on to explain that most household budgets have reached their breaking point and they hope that British guy is going to think about the extra pressure they are going to place on customers and on their finances.

He added that energy companies need to keep their prices low in order to stop people from finding themselves in debt or potentially in fuel poverty. Guy also stated that those who are having problems with their fuel bills can get help by seeking out advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau.


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