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Halo 4 is launched to great acclaim

The fourth edition of Halo went on sale last Monday night and was met with great critical reception as hundreds of fans showed up at midnight just to get the next instalment of the popular 343 Studios video game. In London, Microsoft even had a hanging disc over the Thames as part of a large celebrity studded release bash.

Halo 4 was a pretty smart bet as

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Want to Update Your Samsung Smartphone?

If you have a Samsung already, you’ll be familiar with their format and user-friendly design, which has created quite a lot of brand loyalty for the company over the years. If you have another brand of smartphone, or if you just want to upgrade your existing Samsung model, you might want to check out the latest design: the mini Galaxy S 3, soon to be available

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New monitor developed to track glucose levels in diabetics

Currently, the monitors that diabetic people used to keep track of their blood glucose are not very efficient devices, and they do have a significant environmental impact. A new monitor has been developed by the company Cambridge Consultants, which will have a third of the environmental impact that the current device has.

It is estimated that nearly 350 million people around the world have diabetes, according to

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Ofcom rule that BSkyB can keep their broadcasting licence

Ofcom, the media regulator in the UK have recently reached a decision where BSkyB are allowed to keep their broadcasting licence, and that they are a company that are both fit and proper in order for holding this licence.

This investigation was launched after the phone hacking scandal that has caused a great deal of controversy about Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, which owns the near 40 percent

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Habbo loses its innocence due to moderation lapses

Habbo is an online game for teenagers which has become popular and led to several popular retailers including Game, WHSmith and Tesco selling vouchers which could be used in the online world. The game seems innocent, but recent lapses in moderation has meant that there have been interactions that are sexual in nature.

The world has been created especially for children in seas over 10 million people

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Robotic fish could be used to detect pollution in European ports

The Shoal Consortium have recently said that they are conducting trials of a type of robotic fish which is capable of detecting pollution in ports. It is thought that soon these robotic fish are going to be implemented in Spain to measure the level of pollution in the Spanish ports. The trials of these robotic fish have been funded by the EU and not only are

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Managing Both Digital and Physical Evidence

When you’re collecting digital and non-digital evidence, you run into an issue when it comes to managing it. Every case has a large amount of evidence associated with it. In the past, law enforcement agencies mostly dealt with the paper version of their files. Now, they have come up with a hybrid approach to keeping track of their case files. It’s difficult to keep track of

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