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Halo 4 is launched to great acclaim

The fourth edition of Halo went on sale last Monday night and was met with great critical reception as hundreds of fans showed up at midnight just to get the next instalment of the popular 343 Studios video game. In London, Microsoft even had a hanging disc over the Thames as part of a large celebrity studded release bash.

Halo 4 was a pretty smart bet as

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Shoppers admit to shopping late to pick up perishable bargains

A recent survey that focused on shops and shoppers shows that a big fraction of the shops in the country drastically reduce the price of perishable goods near the end of the day in order to sell them before their expiration date. 32% of shoppers admit that they visit the shops during these times in order to spend less money on the things they need.

The study

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Make Your Next Event a Costume Do

Whenever planning an event, one of the problems which many people encounter is finding the right theme or setting.  Why not make your next event a costume do and if you lack ideas, try looking at some of the themes listed on  Of course, finding the perfect costume for holidays such as Halloween is usually easy, but when it comes to planning a party for

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Amazon opens a centre in London as part of its global expansion

Amazon is opening a London centre in an effort to globally expand its television and film delivery services. Right now the firm has its headquarters in Seattle, but Amazon stated that London is clearly the best choice for the new digital centre given the fact that Britain is one of the pioneers of on demand services that have let their users use television and film rental

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Wage increases are lagging far behind the rises in inflation

The cost of living in Britain continues to increase dramatically as people are finding that inflation is significantly higher than the amount that their income is increasing by every year. The office for National statistics has recently revealed that the inflation rate has fallen in March, however it has also estimated that currently inflation is five times higher than what people’s average salary increases are.

It is

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Compare business mobiles

If you are an active business professional then one thing you need to think about when you choose a mobile upgrade is what phone is going to provide you with the highest calibre of business functions.

Mobile phones have come a long way as a form of communication and now in addition to offering instant phone calls on the go are able to offer access to the

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Governor of Bank of England admits mistakes in run up to recession

The Bank of England governor admitted this week that he was not able to successfully prevent the British banking system from collapsing under the worst recession in the last eight decades. Sir Mervyn King also implicated the Bank of England in the disaster stating that some may wonder why they did not help prevent the disaster from occurring, stating that they should have been able to.


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Perfume is surviving the credit crunch

Retail sales are plummeting, more and more of our high street favourites are going into administration and the economic outlook is gloomy to say the least. At a time when we seem to be watching every penny we spend, it seems strange that the one sector that is bucking the downwards trend is that of luxury goods. In particular, those items that we treat ourselves to

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