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PM desperate for a good showing in next weeks local elections

David Cameron says to “. . . vote conservative and get good value for money.” The Prime Minister is out there drumming up support for his administration in advance of the May 2 local elections when 27 county councils and seven unitary authorities will have the voting booths open, with a total of 2,362 seats up for re-election or replacement.

The main issue in the May 2

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Denis MacShane still in trouble

Denis MacShane, the former Labour MP who stepped down last year after allegations of financial misbehaviour, is not yet off the hook. Though according to official reports, MacShane had repaid about £7,000 in public funds that he obtained using fake receipts from the European Policy Institute (EPI), Scotland Yard is re-opening the investigation that was dropped for lack of evidence in 2010.

A report from the Standards

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The hunting ban in Britain

The Government has admitted that there are no imminent and immediate plans for a vote on repealing the hunting ban in Britain. Cabinet Minister Owen Paterson has signalled that there are no prospects with respect to overturning the current hunting ban and has decided to rule out presenting the issues before the Commons in 2013.

More than 15000 hunters turned out for the hunting despite the ban

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Scotland Yard comment on the ‘plebgate’ row

Scotland Yard have released a statement relating to the allegation that a serving police officer had fabricated evidence which related to the ‘plebgate’ row involving Andrew Mitchell, and have said that this goes right to the very heart of the trust that the public have in the police service.

The statement was released as a response to the revelations on Channel 4 News that the row which

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David Cameron slams Miliband’s job plans for immigrants

David Cameron has launched an attack on Ed Miliband’s plans to ensure that frontline staff in publicly funded jobs are able to speak English, in a new battle over the best way to integrate immigrants into British society.

David Cameron has launched a worded attack on Ed Miliband’s plans that are leaning towards recruiting and engaging ethnic groups of Britain in publicly funded jobs. In one speech, Mr Miliband is

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Computer hacker has extradition orders withdrawn

Gary McKinnon, a 46-year old Scottish systems administrator and hacker, admitted accessing the military computers of the US government in 2001, but after a series of legal proceedings in Britain, his extraditions orders have been withdrawn by Theresa May, so he will not face anymore criminal proceedings and charges, said the Crown Prosecution Service.

Keir Starmer QC believed that chances of a successful conviction were not very

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More coalition disharmony over Leveson report

It is expected that the Prime Minister will be absent from Parliament for a couple of days following his party’s disagreement with the coalition over the ‘press watchdog’ issue. Cameron has been severely pressured during the past couple of weeks due to this opposition against setting up a press watchdog that is backed up by laws. Opposing Lord Justice Leveson’s proposal may lead to the formation

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Chaos expected over child benefit changes in the UK

The UK Tax Authority will soon send letters to over 1,000,000 households, telling them that they’ve lost their child benefit. A recent decision of the government states that families in which one parent earns over £50,000 will either lose the child benefit or have it drastically reduced. Officials report that the change will make over 500,000 parents fill a self-assessment tax form and they are expecting

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The ramifications of ‘Plebgate’ for George Osborne

By now everyone knows about it; the only question is what horrendous political ramifications may result for Chancellor George Osborne. Somebody has already labelled the incident ‘Plebgate’ and Mr. Osborne is unlikely to get away with less than acute embarrassment – it’s one of those Twitter moments.

It seems that Thursday evening a correspondent for ITV’s Granada Reports, Rachel Townsend, was travelling on the same Virgin Pendolino

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GCSE’s to be replaced with O Level type exams

In the wake of the recent controversy regarding GCSE’s Michael Gove is now preparing to give secondary education the biggest shake up for a quarter of a century by introducing a tough new exam based on the old O Level’s.

The discredited GCSE’s will be replaced by the one exam that will 16 years olds will sit at the end of the school term, as opposed to

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