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Computer hacker has extradition orders withdrawn

Gary McKinnon, a 46-year old Scottish systems administrator and hacker, admitted accessing the military computers of the US government in 2001, but after a series of legal proceedings in Britain, his extraditions orders have been withdrawn by Theresa May, so he will not face anymore criminal proceedings and charges, said the Crown Prosecution Service.

Keir Starmer QC believed that chances of a successful conviction were not very

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Steve Jobs replacement turns Apple into a more ethical company

It is a year since Steve Jobs passed away, and the man who replaced the seemingly irreplaceable has made the company both more ethical, and more profitable. On the 4th October 2011 Tim Cook took to the world’s stage for the first time at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California as its new chief executive to unveil what was to become the iPhone 4S.

It was the

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Stand-off continues over Assange

Ecuador and Britain are locked into a stand-off over what to do about Julian Assange after the South American country offered him political asylum even though Britain expressed vehement interest in prosecuting him back to their country for leaks that threatened the well being of the country.

Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, watched the situation unfold on television while sitting safely inside of the Ecuadorian embassy located

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Test broadband speed quickly and easily

Computers are becoming more and more technologically advanced by the day. A decade a go, playing a DVD on the average computer might have been an issue. Nowadays people can easily download films, store home movies and even have video conference calls across the internet without too much trouble. The great thing is, the cost of a high-tech computer is decreasing by the day. The problem

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Hotmail is leaving the building

In news that will be a shock for some, but expected by others, Microsoft have announced that they are closing down Hotmail, the free email service that at the last count had around 350m users. The service will be relaunched as, and Microsoft will undoubtedly be hoping that they can finally sort out the many problems that have plagued Hotmail of late, such as hacking

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Amazon opens a centre in London as part of its global expansion

Amazon is opening a London centre in an effort to globally expand its television and film delivery services. Right now the firm has its headquarters in Seattle, but Amazon stated that London is clearly the best choice for the new digital centre given the fact that Britain is one of the pioneers of on demand services that have let their users use television and film rental

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Habbo loses its innocence due to moderation lapses

Habbo is an online game for teenagers which has become popular and led to several popular retailers including Game, WHSmith and Tesco selling vouchers which could be used in the online world. The game seems innocent, but recent lapses in moderation has meant that there have been interactions that are sexual in nature.

The world has been created especially for children in seas over 10 million people

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Pirate Bay share filing website set to be blocked by all of the top UK broadband providers

Over four million subscribers found themselves suddenly kicked out of this past Wednesday after the website was blocked following an application to the High Court by the record industry trade body, BPI. Based in Sweden, The Pirate Bay offers a full index of copyrighted films, songs, and television shows to users that are willing to download them using the BitTorrent file sharing service.

Anyone that attempts

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