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New car sales rise by 11% in 2013

On Tuesday, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said that in 2013 new car sales rose by 11% owing to an increased demand for technologically advanced cars and the attractive financial offers available. The actual demand for technologically advanced cars was more than its forecast and was the highest since 2007.

The Chief Executive of SMMT Mike Hawes indicated that 2013 was the best year

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Co-op bank management to undergo serious investigation

Britain’s financial regulators will be investigating senior management of the Co-op Bank regarding their role in the near failure of the Bank due to a £1.5bn capital shortfall that was discovered last year. The Financial Conduct Authority, the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Bank of England have confirmed that they have already started an investigation of the Co-op Bank to look at the actions of the

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Chancellor set to stop bail outs for ‘irresponsible banks’

George Osborne is all set to announce that irresponsible banks will not be allowed to be bailed out through money from the taxpayers. He will also define the plans to curb the reckless ‘casino’ investment units of such banks. Also, he’ll be talking about the proposed move to forcibly quash banks that trespass the rules.

Mr. Osborne’s speech at JP Morgan’s Bournemouth offices will serve the purpose

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Why buying is still cheaper than renting

With mortgage rates continuing to rise and most housing and lending market analysts predicting that they will steadily increase over the next year many people are wondering if they should rent a home instead of purchasing one.

This is an even more logical question when you consider the fact that the best mortgage rates are offered to people with great credit; which means pretty much everyone else

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Chaos expected over child benefit changes in the UK

The UK Tax Authority will soon send letters to over 1,000,000 households, telling them that they’ve lost their child benefit. A recent decision of the government states that families in which one parent earns over £50,000 will either lose the child benefit or have it drastically reduced. Officials report that the change will make over 500,000 parents fill a self-assessment tax form and they are expecting

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Steve Jobs replacement turns Apple into a more ethical company

It is a year since Steve Jobs passed away, and the man who replaced the seemingly irreplaceable has made the company both more ethical, and more profitable. On the 4th October 2011 Tim Cook took to the world’s stage for the first time at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California as its new chief executive to unveil what was to become the iPhone 4S.

It was the

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House prices expected to remain static for the rest of 2012

Houses prices fell once again in July after two months of noticeable increase but a new survey stated that this may be the end of movement for home prices at all as they are expected to remain flat now for the duration of the year.

The Halifax House Price Index put the average home price at £161,094 in July, which is a full .6% less than it

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Treasury minister tells consumers to stop paying in cash to secure a discount

David Gauke, the Treasury Minister, said that it is wrong to pay tradesman such as cleaners, plumbers, and builder’s cash in order to avoid paying taxes on their services. He argued that the practice comes at a large cost to Treasury and inadvertently in the future will mean that other people are going to end up paying more.

However, sources from the Treasury insist that Guake was

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International banks facing fines totalling £15m

It is estimated that 12 international banks could be facing fines for fixing interest rates which could total around £15 million. Barclays recently faced a fine of nearly £300 million for submitting figures, that were false, about the rate at which was borrowing money from other leading banks. The scandal was a major issue in the country and it saw the resignation of the chief executive

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Fees for security at the Olympics sky rockets to £60m

The organisers of the London Olympics this year said that they’ve increased the management fee being paid to the company responsible for security at the event by 10 times. This means that the security company are getting paid over £50 million extra, on top of their original contract.

This information was revealed by the newspaper, The Daily Telegraph and it showed that the company have charged a

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