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New car sales rise by 11% in 2013

On Tuesday, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said that in 2013 new car sales rose by 11% owing to an increased demand for technologically advanced cars and the attractive financial offers available. The actual demand for technologically advanced cars was more than its forecast and was the highest since 2007.

The Chief Executive of SMMT Mike Hawes indicated that 2013 was the best year

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House prices rise across the UK

The offer price for a three bedroom house rose to almost $252,800 pounds in June on the back of high consumer confidence and also cheap home loans. However, the most successful in the long run were the homeowners located in the south east. They are the ones to witness a rise in the value of their properties by almost £42,500 to £330,000 compared to the start

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Co-op bank management to undergo serious investigation

Britain’s financial regulators will be investigating senior management of the Co-op Bank regarding their role in the near failure of the Bank due to a £1.5bn capital shortfall that was discovered last year. The Financial Conduct Authority, the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Bank of England have confirmed that they have already started an investigation of the Co-op Bank to look at the actions of the

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Shared maternity leave for parents set to come into effect in 2015

In sweeping changes to its approach to maternity leave for new parents, the government is introducing a policy of shared leave for both mothers and fathers with newborns. The policy will go into effect in April 2015.

As part of the new policy, a couple needs to propose to their respective employers how their maternity leave will be divided between them. A couple needs to do this

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Miley moves from skimpy to zero thanks to body paint

Miley Cyrus isn’t just stopping at experimenting with skimpier clothing at different shows, she has now found a new hobby of using body paint. In one of her latest videos, Miley Cyrus starts off dressed in a space suit just before she seem to succumb to her latest obsession with body paint.

In the video, Miley starts with wearing a seemingly bulky attire while lying back. This

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Definite link found between air pollution and cancer

For quite some time scientists have felt that air pollution is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, but now it has been proven once and for all that smog and pollution are definitively linked to cancer.

This past Thursday the International Agency for Research on Cancer stated that air pollution is officially now listed as a carcinogen right up there with ultraviolet radiation, asbestos, and

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Facebook founder’s account is hacked

An IT security researcher has hacked the account of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook. This followed the company having ignored warnings that the site had a fault that enabled people to post on anyone’s wall.

A Palestinian system information expert, Khalil Shreateh, had twice tried to tell Facebook of this issue but they ignored his warnings. He then demonstrated the glitch by placing a

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Snails hold the key to European migration thousands of years ago

A genetic familiarity between snail fossils that have been found in both the Eastern Pyrenees and Ireland suggest that about 8,000 years ago humans migrated from southern Europe up to Ireland. The slimy creatures that were found in Ireland are almost identical matches to the snails that were found in south Europe near Southern France and Northern Spain.

What is interesting about the snails is that whether

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Missing women found alive after 10 years

Three women were found alive after spending ten years caged inside of a small worn down home. During their captivity, the women were only allowed outdoors for a few times when they stepped into a nearby garage under disguise.

The women were raped repeatedly during this time by a former bus driver aged 52. The man is due to make a court appearance on Thursday and is

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Mount Everest incident being investigated

An incident involving three foreign climbers and local Sherpa guides on Mount Everest is being investigated by Nepalese mountaineering officials. The two renown European climbers had a high altitude brawl with the Nepalese guides in an incident described as being terrifying, by one of the mountaineers.

As they approached the 7.470 meters (24,500 feet) Camp Three on Saturday, Ueli Steck, a climbing record holder from Sweden, and

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