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Amazon opens a centre in London as part of its global expansion

Amazon is opening a London centre in an effort to globally expand its television and film delivery services. Right now the firm has its headquarters in Seattle, but Amazon stated that London is clearly the best choice for the new digital centre given the fact that Britain is one of the pioneers of on demand services that have let their users use television and film rental services.

In fact, Pushbutton and LoveFilm are both from London making the city a great place for Amazon to base its operations since these are the top two on demand services that the firm utilises. It is also fitting that Amazon is basing their operations in Tech City as the technology area around the Old Street area is referred to. In particular, they purchased a 47,000 square feet of office that is found close to the Barbican tube station.

Amazon is hoping to increase the amount of film and tv that it can offer its customers especially with the stiff competition that it has to face and overcome from Netflix in America and BSkyB’s new NowTV service in the UK. Managing Director for Amazon, Paula Byrne, stated that innovation is what Amazon is all about and they are working hard at creating a new generation of services for their users.


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