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Al Qaeda said to be on the move towards Syria

The Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari stated that Iraq has reliable sources that tell them that al Qaeda militants are moving from Iraq towards Syria with the intent of attack and as such as sent in more reinforcements to help protect the border. Zebari stated that operational officers of the terrorist sect appear to be utilising the old smuggling routes to get across the borders and are moving along fully armed.

Syria has long claimed that the 16 month uprising against ousted President Bashar al-Assad was not in fact a revolt of the people, but instead a conspiracy headed by terrorists from abroad including some of the wealthy oil monarchs of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Assad is a member of the sister Shi’ite Islam sect titled the Alawite sect and states that a great deal of the violence that has erupted in Syria looks very much like the work of the Sunni Muslim Islamist ideology that is followed by al Qaeda.

As a result of the suspicion, Iraq has increased the amount of security it keeps along its Syrian border making the border between the two countries one of the most heavily guarded borders of the country.

Zebari added that the smuggling routes have been used by some of al Qaeda members suicide bombers, and foreign fighters that have been along the routes in the past, but despite this fact the move into Syria still has not been organised making it harder to trace.

He added that the main concern of the country is the extremist groups being able to find a home in countries outside of Iraq because this would give them a new base to launch their operations from allowing them to gain more power once again. In the past few months al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for Shi’ites bombings in an attempt to increase tensions after US troops withdrew in December.


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