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97 year old Hungarian arrested for war crimes

Laszlo Csatary, is a 97-year-old man based in Hungary who has been under surveillance for 10 months. International pressure has recently come to a head and the Hungarian authorities have arrested the man who is accused as a wanted war criminal.

He was wanted after the end of the Second World War for war crimes, however he has remained a fugitive for over 60 years. The prosecutor in Hungary has stated that he is claiming to be innocent, although he is still unapologetically anti-Semitic.

Mr Csatary is the most sought after war criminal on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s most wanted list. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is an organisation that is dedicated to hunting down Nazi war criminals. After a great deal of surveillance they confirmed that he has been living in Budapest peacefully for nearly 20 years.

The war criminal was originally hiding in Canada but he had to flee in 1995 after he was unmasked by a war crimes investigation. Interestingly, when he took up residence in Hungary, he did so under his own name, and he was living in a rather nice part of the city, seemingly undisturbed.

He fled Europe after a trial in Czechoslovakia that sentenced him to death for conducting war crimes in Slovakia. The tribunal heard that he was particularly known for his savage brutality and that he would beat people with his bare hands. The court found that he was responsible for assisting in the deaths of up to 16,000 people.

The criminal has been under investigation by Hungarian authorities since 2011 and the police had been waiting a while before they made their move on him. The prosecution said that it is going to take some time before he is brought to justice. There are many international legal problems about who holds jurisdiction over this criminal.


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