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Hotmail is leaving the building

In news that will be a shock for some, but expected by others, Microsoft have announced that they are closing down Hotmail, the free email service that at the last count had around 350m users. The service will be relaunched as, and Microsoft will undoubtedly be hoping that they can finally sort out the many problems that have plagued Hotmail of late, such as hacking

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Treasury minister tells consumers to stop paying in cash to secure a discount

David Gauke, the Treasury Minister, said that it is wrong to pay tradesman such as cleaners, plumbers, and builder’s cash in order to avoid paying taxes on their services. He argued that the practice comes at a large cost to Treasury and inadvertently in the future will mean that other people are going to end up paying more.

However, sources from the Treasury insist that Guake was

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Amazon opens a centre in London as part of its global expansion

Amazon is opening a London centre in an effort to globally expand its television and film delivery services. Right now the firm has its headquarters in Seattle, but Amazon stated that London is clearly the best choice for the new digital centre given the fact that Britain is one of the pioneers of on demand services that have let their users use television and film rental

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97 year old Hungarian arrested for war crimes

Laszlo Csatary, is a 97-year-old man based in Hungary who has been under surveillance for 10 months. International pressure has recently come to a head and the Hungarian authorities have arrested the man who is accused as a wanted war criminal.

He was wanted after the end of the Second World War for war crimes, however he has remained a fugitive for over 60 years. The prosecutor

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Government seek to recoup money from G4S over Olympic security débâcle

The security company responsible for civilian security during the Olympic Games is G4S and over the last few months the company has become mired in controversy after it was unable to provide adequate security requirements for the event.

The government have recently announced that they are going to be activating the penalty clauses that are present in the contract that they have with the company. This announcement

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International banks facing fines totalling £15m

It is estimated that 12 international banks could be facing fines for fixing interest rates which could total around £15 million. Barclays recently faced a fine of nearly £300 million for submitting figures, that were false, about the rate at which was borrowing money from other leading banks. The scandal was a major issue in the country and it saw the resignation of the chief executive

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Fees for security at the Olympics sky rockets to £60m

The organisers of the London Olympics this year said that they’ve increased the management fee being paid to the company responsible for security at the event by 10 times. This means that the security company are getting paid over £50 million extra, on top of their original contract.

This information was revealed by the newspaper, The Daily Telegraph and it showed that the company have charged a

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Al Qaeda said to be on the move towards Syria

The Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari stated that Iraq has reliable sources that tell them that al Qaeda militants are moving from Iraq towards Syria with the intent of attack and as such as sent in more reinforcements to help protect the border. Zebari stated that operational officers of the terrorist sect appear to be utilising the old smuggling routes to get across the borders and are

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South Korea slammed for announcing that it is to allow whaling again

South Korea was condemned this past week by a number of environmental groups and governments after Seoul stated that it will allow whaling to take place again for the purposes of science. Seoul’s ministry of fisheries and agriculture announced this past Thursday that in order to protect local fishermen that are seeing their fish stocks dwindle because of whales more scientific research needs to be carried

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