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Banking industry set for most invasive investigation ever after Barclays scandal

The BBC has recently learnt that ministers are set to order an independent review into inter-bank lending following the Barclays fiasco. It will be examining how Libor, the rate that the BBA, British Bankers Association, set on a daily basis, will operate in the future. Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has called for a public enquiry into both the practices and the customs of the banking

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Research reveals that ethnic minorities feel more British than the whites

New research carried out by the Institute for Social and Economic research has found the the ethnic minorities that call the UK home feel, on the whole, more British than the white Britons. Of all of those currently living in Britain, it is the Muslims who most identify with the concept of being British.

The authors of the report say that these results rubbish the suggestions that

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Ed Miliband signals the Labour u-turn on immigration

The Labour Party signaled a u-turn on immigration policy with leader Ed Miliband announcing a new policy to dissuade businesses from employing predominantly overseas workers. Miliband conceding the party was wrong on immigration when they were last in government.

Miliband argued that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown made a mistake in allowing unrestrained immigration from the newly admitted EU states in 2004. The main target of the

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Jimmy Carr apologises on Twitter over tax fiasco

Jimmy Carr has admitted to a massive error of judgment after pulling out of a tax avoidance scheme which was described as morally wrong. The K2 scheme protects money from tax in Jersey and Mr Carr has been exposed as the schemes biggest beneficiary. Mr Carr apologised to everyone in a statement on his Twitter page, promising to act more responsibly with his financial affairs in

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Habbo loses its innocence due to moderation lapses

Habbo is an online game for teenagers which has become popular and led to several popular retailers including Game, WHSmith and Tesco selling vouchers which could be used in the online world. The game seems innocent, but recent lapses in moderation has meant that there have been interactions that are sexual in nature.

The world has been created especially for children in seas over 10 million people

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Text message from Rebekah Brooks to David Cameron revealed

It has been revealed that just before he became Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron was sent a text message by Rebekah Brooks which stated that they are “in this together.” The message was recently revealed by the Leveson enquiry which is looking at press standards after the various scandals that were associated with News International.

Ms Brooks sent the message in 2009 and stated how

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Euro 2012 players to be punished if they leave the pitch due to racial abuse

Football players have been told that if they walk off the pitch during the European Championships after being subjected to racial abuse they will receive a yellow card. The referees are going to have the power to punish players even if they are being abused by the crowd.

Last week, Mario Balotelli threatened to walk off the pitch after racial abuse was shouted at him. The player

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Sex offender joins the royals on their Jubilee barge

A guest of the Prince of Wales who joined the Royal family during the Diamond Jubilee on their barge has recently been revealed to be a sex offender. The criminal, Harbinder Singh Rana, from the West Midlands, originally posed as a doctor to carry out indecent assaults on people. He was eventually charged with one count of attempted assault and 11 counts of causing ABH.

He met

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New York expats celebrate the Diamond Jubilee

All over the world British expats will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and New York is no exception. Last Thursday, the British community and other assorted Anglophiles were out in force in Central Park to take part in a six kilometre run as part of the celebrations in New York.

The race was hosted New York’s British Consul General and great fun was had by all.

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