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Getting health insurance in the UK

Many people think that because free health care is provided by the NHS they do not need a secondary health insurance. These are usually people that have not yet faced a major health crisis; however, those who have can affirm the fact that secondary health insurance is a very good idea.

If you choose a policy before any medical problems arise, you can often get very low

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Find cheaper landlords insurance

If you let out apartments or building space to renters then one of the most important things that you need to hold at all times is landlords insurance. Many letters underestimate the value of landlords insurance, but the following are just a few examples of how invaluable it can be and to point out various things that you should look for in your policy. After all,

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Prepare for long delays if travelling over the Jubilee weekend

All travel routes across the UK are bound to be busy this Diamond Jubilee weekend. Around 4 million people are expected to be travelling over the double bank holiday weekend. That is by road, rail and air. Another 2 million are expected to be travelling abroad according to travel agencies.

Heathrow will be the busiest airport with over 400,000 expected to travel from there. Then comes Gatwick

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Finding the cheapest rates for business electricity

As a business, one of the top outlays that you have to consider are your operating costs. If  these are too high then they will likely start to cut into your profits, making your business inefficient.  On the other hand, with a little research you can easily cut down the costs of some monthly expenses, thus freeing up your budget some so that you can either

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Wage increases are lagging far behind the rises in inflation

The cost of living in Britain continues to increase dramatically as people are finding that inflation is significantly higher than the amount that their income is increasing by every year. The office for National statistics has recently revealed that the inflation rate has fallen in March, however it has also estimated that currently inflation is five times higher than what people’s average salary increases are.

It is

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Robotic fish could be used to detect pollution in European ports

The Shoal Consortium have recently said that they are conducting trials of a type of robotic fish which is capable of detecting pollution in ports. It is thought that soon these robotic fish are going to be implemented in Spain to measure the level of pollution in the Spanish ports. The trials of these robotic fish have been funded by the EU and not only are

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How to find the best home insurance online

With the modern invention of the internet, finding insurance to cover your house has never been easier. Despite this, it still pays to take time to search for the best deal possible. This includes both comparison websites and checking each company individually.

Finding the best home insurance online

With the market as large as it is, cheap home insurance can be found that is also very reliable. If

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Coconut crab may sound tasty, but this is no restaurant dish, this is something served up only in the virtual blogging world, the question is what’s on the menu? If there were a category for random news blogs, then this is where you’d find Coconut Crab.

Delivering regularly updated news stories, Coconut Crab can whet your appetite for finance, environment, politics, and the latest from the internet.

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Centrica warn that fuel prices are set to rise again

While many may be focused on the trading patterns of Centrica, the greater focus should be on the small warning from the major energy provider that fuel bills are going to increase by the end of the year. Centrica offers energy around the UK under the brands of Scottish Gas and British Gas and stated that the wholesale gas costs in the UK are going to

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European money woes show no signs of abating

With Greece’s future unknown and the progress of the talks between German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and the new French President, Francois Hollande, uncertain, the Eurozone crisis is getting worse. Add to that the trouble with the Spanish banks and it certainly looks as if big trouble is looming.

Despite this the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, remains remarkably upbeat and is certain that with the new EU

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