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Spanish unemployment level hits 25%

The unemployment rate in Spain has risen to nearly 25 percent which goes to show how much worse the economic situation has become in the country in recent years. The figure has also caused the credit ratings agency, Standard and Poor’s to downgrade the credit rating of the country. Currently around 6 million people in the country are unemployed according to the government’s National Statistics Institute.


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UN send monitors into Syrian hot spot

According to the United Nations, international monitors have recently moved into a Syrian hot spot in order to stop the violence. The spokesperson from the team, Neeraj Singh, has stated that two observers have been put in the city which is located in the south of Syria.

The city is Daraa, where the uprising against the current president Assad, began around a year ago. Activists in the

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Phone hacking scandal rumbles on with more prosecutions expected

It is expected that in the near future criminal prosecutions are going to take place for those people who were complicit in the phone hacking scandal. These prosecutions recently seem a little bit closer after the police have delivered files related to four journalists who allegedly hacked phones.

The prosecution service have not yet identified which journalists have been named in the files but it is expected

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PM visits Burma with a view to easing sanctions

David Cameron, the British PM, said that the country could soon be easing sanctions on Burma, while preparing to make his historic visit to this once isolated Kingdom. Cameron has told the BBC that Britain will be quick to ‘respond in kind’ should Burma continue with their democratic progress. He has said, however, that he wants to witness the changes for himself before making any firm

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With only 100 days to go, survey reveals UK public are unsure about the Olympics

It’s about 100 days before the London Olympics kicks off and the organisers of the event are promising that it is going to be an inspiring occasion for the entire nation, as well as the world. This is despite the fact that a recent survey has shown that the country have mixed about hosting the Olympic Games and are unsure of the benefit that it is

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Vodafone get exclusivity to new Hauwei Ascend handset

The new Hauwei Ascend G300 is set to go on sale exclusively through Vodafone for only £100 in pay as you go. The Ascend G300 is very much aimed at the lower end of the mobile phone market and brings with it a 1GHz processor, 4in WVGA touch screen, 512MB of RAM, a 5MP camera, 2.4GB of internal storage and micro SD slot.

It is currently on

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Health Secretary defends decision to investigate abortion clinics

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was right to ask for an urgent inspection of abortion clinics by the Care Quality Commission, according to a statement made this week by the NHS Confederation chief executive, Stephen Dorrell.

Lansley came under criticism after it was revealed that the CQC was forced to cancel their planned inspections of over 580 care homes and instead work an extra 1100 days to investigate

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How a good girl went off the rails

The future looked bright for Laura Johnson as the millionaire’s daughter was off to uni after getting top grades at one of the best schools in Britain. However, two years later her life is not quite as shiny as she is now in the middle of a looting plot that occurred after she got caught up in the activity of the London gang culture.

She was convicted

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