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Ofcom extend their investigations into NDS

New allegations of misconduct on the part of NDS have Ofcom looking more closely at the overall operation and its past and present activities. The most recent claim was brought by Lee Gibling, an employee of NDS, who said that his website The House of Ill Compute (Thoic) was used to distribute codes that allowed users free access to paid TV channels.

In a BBC Panorama documentary,

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Michael Bloomberg goes global with his anti-smoking campaign

The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is well-known for his anti-smoking stance and this was seen when he introduced a smoking ban in New York several years ago. This ban was introduced despite warnings that it would alienate his voters and keep tourists out of the city. None of these worries seems to have been proved true however and he has continued his anti-smoking campaign,

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New government scheme aims to help first time buyers

A new mortgage indemnity scheme has recently been launched by the government which is set to help first-time buyers get into the property market. The scheme means that mortgages will be guaranteed in part by the taxpayer, and in part by building companies who have built homes.

The scheme is being called the NewBuy project and it is being supported by several major banks in the UK

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Older patients are suffering on the NHS

A new report which looks into the level of care in the NHS has suggested that any nurses or doctors who failed to treat older patients with respect and dignity should be fired.

Sir Keith Pearson was responsible for chairing the report and he has said that compassion should be at the centre of any medical treatment.

In an interview with the Today Program, Sir Keith stated, “We

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