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Kim Dotcom fall from grace

Internet entrepreneurs today are only a little different from the entrepreneurs you find in any corporate boardroom; only interested in the bottom line, “blue-sky” thinking and other business jargon.

It wasn’t always that way, however, especially in the early days of the internet when those who set up their own websites and online businesses were often rebellious figures, more interested in changing the world than making their

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Wikipedia shuts down for the day in piracy row

In protest of antipiracy laws being considered in the United States, Wikipedia has taken offline its encyclopaedia in English for 24 hours. The encyclopaedia stated that the legislation considering being passed in the United States could, “Damage the access people have to information on the internet and potentially be fatally damaging.”

Anyone who visited the site on Wednesday was greeted by a screen which would simply ask

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High-speed railway route to link North and South

Residents in northern England and Scotland have taken a step closer to a high-speed railway route to London, thanks to the approval of the first stage between the capital and Birmingham.

The fast train, known as the HS2 project, has been in the pipeline for many months and was finally given the go head by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition. Transport Secretary Justine Greening made the

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Eric Cantona president in France

The former striker for Manchester United, Eric Cantona, has recently said that he wishes to run for president in France. He has taken actions to gather signatures from elected officials so that he can start his election campaign by the end of February. Mr Cantona describes himself as an engaged citizen of France and has written to politicians all over the country in the hope that

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How to win with ever increasing energy bills

If you wince every time you get an energy bill, this advice is for you. With the rising cost of the fossil fuels that are used to create most electricity, powering your home or business is becoming increasingly more expensive. However, there are several approaches you can take to greening your energy consumption, and most of them require little to no work at all. Good Energy

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Taliban talk about peace talks

A recent move by the Taliban has suggested that they might be ready to begin peace talks about the end of the insurgency in Afghanistan. The Taliban have agreed that they will open up a peace mission in Qatar, and this is seen as a significant reversal of the previous position when it would not end its insurgency in the war-torn country.

The spokesman for the Taliban

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