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Anonymous Group sends company cash to charities

Thousands of government and private organisations are taking a close look at their accounts after Anonymous Group linked hackers stole credit card info from a security firm in America on Christmas Eve and used the money they stole to make charity donations.

The attack was focused on Texas based Stratfor, a company that offers analysis to international clients on security issues and works with oil companies, banks,

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North Korea and the future of nasty dictators

The announcement on Monday of the death of North Korea’s president-for-life Kim Jong-il brought the country back into the spotlight of international attention.  Analysts on all fronts have made tentative predictions about the short and long-term consequences of his death and the succession of his heir, Kim Jong Un.

As North Koreans officially mourn the passing of their Great Leader, citizens gather at memorials in the capital

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Personal finance education should come into schools

A cross-party group of politicians have recently said the personal finance education should be a part of the school curriculum. An eight-month enquiry by ministers has found that all school leavers should be equipped with basic financial knowledge so that they won’t run into financial difficulties in the future. The report demands that financial education become a part of the school curriculum as soon as possible.


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Ofqual test upset

The director of external affairs at Ofqual is Francis Thomas and he has recently spoken out against exam boards. He has said, “Parliament have just passed a law which gives us the ability to fine exam boards but this is not the ultimate sanction that we want to have. We want to be able to shut down exam boards that are not living up to their

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Nick Clegg speaks out on domestic violence

Nick Clegg, the deputy PM, who has managed against all odds to make the previous holder of the post, John Prescott, seem trustworthy and endearing, has now suggested that we need to amend our approach to domestic violence. Mr Clegg believes that instead of dwelling only on the physical assault that has taken place between two previously loving partners, we need to look at the bigger

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