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Ofsted says schools not getting the best out of students

A recent report from the school inspection body Ofsted has said that there are too many schools in theUKwhich are not encouraging children to reach the potential that they are capable of. Ofsted have said that too many schools are at a satisfactory level and are not going above and beyond on teaching quality. In over 40% of schools in theUKteaching levels were either satisfactory or

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News of the World may have huge ripple effects in media

Following the scandal that ensued when it was revealed earlier this year that News of the World reporters had hacked into mobile phone messages and interfered with a police investigation, Prime Minister David Cameron called for a major investigation of media practices.  He said it was essential to get to the bottom of a ‘firestorm’ of problems, and put a stop to the misuse of journalistic

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Nurse guilty killing her baby by forcing her to eat

A nurse was jailed last Friday after being found guilty of killing her baby by forcing her to eat.  The woman, Gloria Dwomoh aged 31, was the first woman to be put on trial for death of an infant in this fashion and faces a three year jail sentence.

She was said to have been obsessed with the weight of her ten month old infant Diamond and

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Justin Bieber fans turn on possible mother of his child

Fans of Justin Bieber are sometimes known to be a bit fanatical but the reaction they have had against a woman who claims to be the mother of his child has been rather extreme to say the least. Fans of the teen heartthrob have written angry letters and sent death threats to Miss Yeater, who claims that she became pregnant with Bieber’s child after a backstage

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